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Prepare your pets airline carrier / Kennel / Crate for travel as Excess Checked Baggage

Pets Traveling as Excess Baggage, travel on the same plane as the owners. They travel in the same compartment as the luggage and cargo. It is extremely important to prepare your pets Carrier / Kennel / Crate before you arrive to the airport as most check in counters do not stock the accessories and supplies required for your pet to travel safely.

Watch this video for the proper steps on how to prepare your pets airline carrier /crate / kennel like a professional pet shipper.

Subjects covered:

How to label your pets airline travel kennel with Live Animal Labels.

How to secure your pets kennel with replacement metal hardware and hand releasable cable ties.

How to keep your pet comfortable while traveling.


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  1. Geraldine says:

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE VIDEOS! I’m planning to bring my rabbit internationally hopefully it’ll be swift an easy from your advices!

    • Thanks for watching! And please post back if you find something you could share to other traveling bunny owners.